Best of Links – Week 1

By Henri Makembe on 01.11.10

Let’s face it, I’ve not really had the chance to write as much as I want to on this blog. Part of it is a due to work and part of it is due to time. This is something that I will look to correct in 2010.  I am looking for topics where I can still share what I know, what I’ve learned about politics, technology and the government at the local level and give a medium for other to do the same. One aspect of the project that have been fairly active is the twitter account.  Since launching, the account has gained over 300 followers and that number continues to grow.  Throughout the course of week, I share a number of the articles over twitter. I will use this post every Monday to post the five links that received the most clicks.  With no further ado this week’s top links.

This week the received a total of 450 clicks.  Ordered by most clicks received, last weeks top links are:

1. Internet in advocacy campaigns (VIDEO) – This is video of  Alan Rosenblatt speaking to students of American University about about the use of the internet in issue advocacy and political campaigns.  Topics discussed include 2008 presidential campaign, social networks,  and the flow of information online.  The video in 1hr 20 minutes long.  Two key takeaways: 1. Don’t focus on the tools, focus on the strategy.  2. Don’t empower, Enable!

2. How to effectively campaign online with web ads – Originally from Spot-on, the post shares a series of Do’s and Dont’s when it comes to online ads.  Key takeaways: 1. Start early; 2. Don’t skimp on creative; 3. Use the right tech specs; and 4. Consider advertising on non-traditional outlets.

3. 10 Things to watch for 2010 – This blog post looks at the some of the issues that the editors deem will make the news.  Obviously jobs, health care reform and the midterms elections make the list.  Also on the list is the role of new media in politics as the 2010 census.  Missing from the list is the War in Iraq and States’ budget deficit (See California, Virginia and Maryland..just to name a few).

4. Democrats control twice as many state legislatures as republicans – This maps shows which state legislatures are controlled by either party, which are split and which are non-partisan.  This map is very interesting if for no other reasons but the fact that if calls into questions whether or not the country as a whole is right of center.

5. 2010 Senate race ratings – Published by The Cook Political Report, this was last week senate race ratings.  Of course with Chris Dodd (D-CT) and Byron Dorgan (D-ND) both retiring late last week, the ratings have obviously changed.

Honorable mentions:

Digital Politics: What Mattered in 2009 – Will all hype surrounding new media since the presidential election, what actually worked?.  Kate Kaye from ClickZ explores.  Her answer: Twitter and Online advertising.

Why open data matter for local authorities – Chris Taggart, of OpenlyLocal, makes the arguments that my making raw data available to public local govs  would save money as well as empower developer to make create apps work work on any number of platforms.  That  being said, Targgart does not provide  any actual figures to back up his argument.  Regardless,  It’s great to see the Gov 2.o movement going down to local level.