Sunday Reading

By Henri Makembe on 06.14.09

A new model for political interviews and debates – Google discusses for their partnership with local TV station, WJLA, for the debate in the democratic primary in gubernatorial race in VA.  They used the same technology that were used during the CNN/Youtube debate during the presidential primary in 2009.

Fundraising in a Recession – Some fundraising tips from Nancy Bocskor, a fundraiser and the founder of the Nancy Bocskor Company,  from a  the panel “Fundraising During a Recession” at Art of Political Campaigning conference.

OpenCongress Now Tracking Every Congressional Race Nationwide –  “a non-partisan, fully-referenced, open-source and crowd-sourced wiki project — now lists every candidate running in every U.S. Senate, House and governor’s race!”    I wish they would followed that up with a wiki that tracked state delegate races.  State legislature are just as important as House and Senate (or I’d like to think so).

New Media, New Cycle – Highlights from a Panel featuring Jonathan KarushMindy FinnJohn Rowley also at the Art of Political Campaigning conference  They share some advice advice about websites and new media.

The Ten Best Ideas from BlogPotomac – I had the chance to attend BlogPotomac last Friday. I was considering recap but Jennifer Berk of Amplify Public Affairs has a great recap with links to several other recaps from attendees.  If you missed BlogPotomac, reading this post will almost as good at the real thing.