Reminder: Download and Read ClickZ’s Digital Political Campaigns 101

By Henri Makembe on 07.19.10

As the campaigns across the country kick into full gear, ClickZ’s Digital Political Campaigns 101 guide can serve as a go to resource as campaigns managers scramble and struggle to navigate the world of new media (especially if they don’t have a good new media director on staff). Edited by Katie Kaye,  the guide contains  straight forward and simple advice from practitioners on both side the of the ailes. Contributors to the guide have participated in many of the recent highly publicized and contested elections including the 2008 Minnesota senatorial election, 2009 VA gubernatorial election, and 2010 MA special electionto replace the Late Ted Kennedy.

Topics of the guide are as follow:

  • The Money Bomb: Smart Online Fundraising
  • Online Ad FAQs: How to Use Online Ads to Win Political Elections(includes Bonus Tips on Creating Killer Ads and Landing Pages)
  • Build Your List and Put It to Work List Building, E-mail and Voter Mobilization
  • Social Media Ain’t Rocket Science: Demystifying the Role of Social Media in Political Campaigns (includes The 10 Commandments of Campaign Social Media and Twelve Steps to Social Media Campaigns That Don’t Suck)
  • Beyond the Talking Head: How to Make a Great YouTube Video
  • Transforming Online Engagement into Real World Activism: A Q&A with Rob Willington
  • Your Online Hub: Keys to a Successful Campaign Website
  • Getting Buy-in: Tips for Scoring Budget for Digital Initiatives

Whatever your role on  a campaign, head to click’z website, download the guide (PDF) and find ways to incorporate the advice of these experts in your campaign. If you need some extra help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.