Politechal advice

By Isaac Salazar on 01.30.11

As I mentioned in my last few posts, I recently wrapped up working on a statewide election in Maryland. I’ve since stepped away as New Media Director for the Maryland Democratic Party in order to gain a different perspective on how best to use the interwebs in political campaigns. I also plan on dedicating a bit more time to this blog.

While there are certainly some best practices in political campaigns, particularly as they relate to email programs and website design, the political world could learn some valuable lessons from commercial marketing and branding campaigns. Unfortunately, local political campaigns with tight budgets and limited staff have a long way to go before they start experimenting with new tactics as many still fail to incorporate basic best practices and most do not ever map out internet strategies.

Along with a new perspective, I hope to find more time to examine how local political campaigns could better utilize technology, the internet, and social media. As my experience has been working in Maryland politics, you’ll probably see a lot of posts relating to Maryland campaigns. However, much of my advice could certainly be applied to any local political campaign.

Look out for my first installment of “Politechal Advice” in the next few days as I explore the Thank You letter.