NGP adds new social media features

By Isaac Salazar on 03.07.13

With the March release of NGP, we’ve added another tool to the NGP toolbox: new social media features that allow you to further integrate your organization’s social networking tools with NGP’s fundraising tools. Now, it’s easy to link your supporters’ Facebook and Twitter accounts to their NGP records. We’ve even added follower and friend counts to the search tools so you can target your most influential supporters.

Say you’re trying to throw a big campaign event, and you want to bring in as many people as possible. You could create an event page and hope for the best, OR you could look in your NGP database for the supporters with the most followers on Twitter and target them to get the word out and invite their networks. Now, you not only have more attendees for your event, you’re also building up a team of supporters and evangelizers that you and your campaign can call upon later.

To use this feature, please log into your NGP database and follow the instructions outlined in “What’s New” (located under the Help menu). As always, please contact our support team if you have any questions. We’re excited to do what we can to deploy the newest technology to boost your communications, fundraising, and digital operations. Keep up the great work out there.

Thank you,

John Brougher
Vice President of Marketing and Nonprofit Sales