Five most read blog posts of 2011

By Henri Makembe on 01.05.12

2011Last year was a busy one for me.  That means I didn’t get to write as much as I wanted too. That being said, this site received close to 5,000 visitors this site and more than 10,000 pageviews. I’m really excited about these numbers given how little I wrote last year. The vast majority of them came to read the following posts:

1. The Google Blast: How successful is it? – This post was an analysis of how well the Creigh Deeds campaign used Google blast in the last days of VA democratic gubernatorial primary in 2009. It’s worth reading again.

2. CIVICRM – An alternative in CRM for organization and campaigns – Fueled by the open-source movement and a need for originations and campaigns to cut cost , CIVICRM has emerged as leading CRM. That being said, there are some downsides to the going with CIVICRM. I wrote about them in another post that you can read here — that one was not as popular in 2011.

3. Worst Campaign websites of 2010 – Even in 2011, these were popular. There some pretty bad campaigns website out there. Enjoy! If you see worse ones ou there, please email them to me.

4. Foursquare for local campaigns – Many campaigns are trying to figure out how to leverage Foursquare. In this post, I shared some of my ideas on how to do that.

5. How can local candidates engage the busy, low information voter? – Mike Kondratick (D), Candidate for VA state delegate, discusses the use the technology in his 2011 campaign. His hurdle: reaching the busy, low information voter. This post also led to a great discussion on LinkedIn.  Feel free to join it.

Thank you to the many people who stopped by during 2011. I promise to write more in 2012. If you have a topic, you’d like to me to write about, simply shoot me an email.