Embed VIP’s Google Gadget’s to make easy for your supporters to find their polling place

By Henri Makembe on 11.07.11

Where is do I vote? Do I need an ID to vote?  What time are do polling station open? What time do polling station close? These are some of the questions that voters often ask themselves election day. In the past candidates had to direct voters to Election boards websites where this information may not have been readily available for their supporters. That is not longer true thanks to the Voter Information Project (VIP). What is VIP? Watch the video below find out and continue reading to find out how candidate can make it easy for the supporter to find polling information on election day.

With elections tomorrow, newspapers, counties, state political parties, and blogs have embedded the Voting Information Project’s Google gadget on their websites. Candidates should do the same! The process is simple.

1. Create a page landing page on your site with an easy to remember url (i.e. candindate.com/vote candidate.com/pollingplace)

2.  Customize and embed the gadget  on the landing page.  You can find instructions here.

3.  E-mail  your supporters and direct them to landing page.

4.  Voila!

The gadget is a great tool for that empower  your supporters with knowledge.  Also,  driving your supporters to your website, gives them last minute reminder of who to vote for.

Good luck to all the candidates tomorrow.