Best of Links – Weeks 3 & 4

By Henri Makembe on 02.02.10

Due to some light post on the twitter during Week 3 (I was in MA lending a head to Coakley), I decided combined week 3 and 4.   Without further ado, the best links for week 3 and 4 are the following:

1. They Gave Us The Beatles, We Gave Them – Vivek Kundra introduces on the white house blog. Since then, there has been also of buzz in the blogsphere about the data project.

2. What Organizing for America did right and wrong in its first election – Lydia Depillis goes over what she thinkOrganizing For America did well during the Massachusetts special election as well as what they need to improve on. Unlike other blog posts and articles analyzing the race, this is one is fairly balanced.  I also wrote a post defending Coakley’s new media on

3. HOW TO: Set up a free online monitoring system –  This is  good guide for campaigns or organizations that are the just getting started in social media or have very tight budgets.

4. Movement in Gov contests across the country – Weekly update  about various political races around the country from Campaign Diaries.

5. Gillibrand Gets GOP Challenger – New York attorney Bruce Blakeman announced that he will be challengingSen. Kirsten Gillibrand in the Fall.  Since then, Harold Ford, Former Congressman for TN, has also been hinting that he may throw his hat in the race.

Honorable mentions

Internet 2009 in numbers – Pretty self explanatory fact sheet.  1.73 billion internet users worldwide – That’s a lot of people.

Will Citizens United v. FEC Change the 2010 Elections? – Stuart Rothenberg looks at how have the Citizens United v. FEC Change may affect the fall election cycle.  He concludes that the verdict is still out but Democratic operatives seem to be more worried the Republicans operatives