Local Politechs Strategies is now LPS Campaigns

By Isaac Salazar on 11.07.17

In April 2009 Henri Makembe and I teamed up to start LocalPolitechs.com – a blog about the intersection of technology and politics. After a few years teaming up on freelance website projects we decided to formalize our work as Local Politechs Strategies. As our reputation grew our work expanded beyond websites into the digital ad and email campaign space. While we started the firm with the idea to help smaller local candidates, we soon found ourselves consulting candidates and issue campaigns at every level.

In 2015 we partnered with Pat Jakopchek to expand our work further in the communication space. At every step in our growth we’ve maintained a focus on finding solutions for our clients’ campaign needs. In many cases we’ve partnered with other talented consulting firms but we often found clients coming directly to us for strategic advice outside of our core services. As we’ve matured we’ve gained a reputation for working in and along with every aspect of political and issue campaigns.

Given our reputation and our collective campaign experience we have decided to expand the LPS brand to reflect this identity. With this in mind I’m excited to announce that Local Politechs Strategies is now LPS Campaigns! We look forward to working with you on the next election cycle.

– Isaac Salazar