2009 Online Politics conference Round up

By Henri Makembe on 04.26.09


Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the 2009 Online Politics conference. The conference fielded pros and newbies a like and was informative.  I didn’t have a chance to blog during a conference, so I figured I would do a round up about what others folks wrote about the conference.  So here it goes.

The folks at Bivings Group share their takeaways from the Conference. The gist is as follows

  1. Politicians/Candidates are getting technical
  2. Technology is changing the campaign game
  3. Email: Never sexy, always effective
  4. Get mobile or miss out
  5. Make your supporter the stars

In his post-conference thoughts, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen writes that three kind of people attended the conference: the believers, the skeptics and those in between.  No matter, he belives that the conference advanced the conversation on topic

While he wasn’t able to attend the conference, Natch Greyes, from Heartless and Brainless, followed using different social media outlets and declares that the running theme at the conference was:  “It doesn’t matter how good your outreach program is, how good your social media tools, if your message isn’t right you still fail.

Cynthia summers writes about some interestingp eople at the conference and what she enjoyed about their panels.  And no, I was not one of them.

Nancy Scola, who I met briefly, shares lessons from the panel she moderated on Mobile.

The Raw Story details the spat between Obama’s and McCain’s New Media Directors.   Jessee Greenberg also writes about the face-off. I wish I was there.  It seemed to be one for the ages.

LGEO Research interviews conference organizer Julie Germany.

TechRepublican covers the panel on Brand engagement on Twitter.

Jess Greenberg recaps the panel on the Next Generation campaign websites. Recap:  They will win the election for you… Just kidding.

Jen Nedeau moderated a panel titled “Will Old Media paradigms shift into the New Media world?” and lived to blog about it. If you don’t want to read the entire blog post, the answer is “Yes”.

Colin Delany touches lightly on Patrick Mara’s use of Targeted Facebook Ads during his bid for DC Council.  In the interest of full disclosure, I helped Cary Silverman take on Jack Evans for a DC Council seat during the same cycle.

If you missed the discussions, Jill Miller, who I also had the pleasure to meet,  live-blogged many of the panels.  IPDI will be posting the videos on their YouTube Channel, and You can always search for #polc09 on Twitter.

And I think that pretty much covers it.  Did I miss anything?  If so please let me know and I will include an update.

UPDATE: I forgot to include Jenifer Berk’s thoughts about the panel she attended – Social Media Platforms and Directing Traffic to Your Real Campaign.

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