Arizona Freedom Project


The 2022 Midterm Elections saw Trump-endorsed candidates topping ballots across the country, amplifying the MAGA agenda and threatening the foundations of our democracy. As both a battleground state and a state with numerous election-deniers in positions of leadership, Arizona faced a tough fight against a radical right-wing agenda.

The Arizona Freedom Project website’s primary purpose was to provide Arizona residents with credible, reliable, and provoking information about right-wing extremists in the state government. To connect with a broader audience, we developed a Spanish-language version of the site. The website examined a number of extremist state legislators, highlighted their most anti-democratic attacks, and compiled far-right legislation proposed in the State House. The work of state legislatures is often difficult to find and understand, so it was critically important to share information in a public, easily accessible, and digestible manner ahead of Election Day. Ultimately, the goal of the site was to move Arizonans to action to protect democracy both inside and outside of the state.

As the first step in building the Arizona Freedom Project’s custom website, our team met with stakeholders and used a comprehensive design survey to fully capture the goals of the site and flesh out branding guidelines. The survey also highlighted client concerns, such as creating an engaging and trustworthy tone by avoiding dark, pessimistic language and imagery. Our team used these conversations as a starting point to create logos, branding, and website designs. 

We developed a brand aimed at connecting with our target audiences of base labor members, persuasion labor members, partner groups/consultants and media partners. The logo, palette and theme were built out around key descriptor concepts of credibility, galvanizing, professionalism and reliability. It was important that the final result be replicable, so the “Freedom Project” was born.

With a deep research catalog and brand in-hand, we built out website designs and developed the digital property. The ensuing site,, is eye-catching and was built with a high-quality user experience in mind, ensuring visitors can easily navigate and find important details quickly. It was built for both in-state allies, consultants and media to tap for their own uses (via detailed and specific citing) and general public consumption (each block of information is uniquely shareable across multiple social media platforms). 

In the November 8th Midterm Election, progressive candidates for Governor, Secretary of State, and Senate won their races against election-denying, Trump-backed opponents. Mark Finchem served as a prime example — it was the goal of the site to inform Arizona voters on Finchem’s right-wing record, and ultimately those voters denied his bid for Secretary of State. We hope that the Arizona Freedom Project will continue to prepare Arizonans with the information needed to cast an informed ballot in future elections.